As in: December Issue of "Successful Project Management" (online and hardcopy)
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Software Tool Promotes More Effective Team Dynamics

After working for many years in the project management field, Pravir Malik noticed that the large companies that employed him were not achieving the type of results that they wanted. "As a project team leader, I felt the need to motivate the team," Malik said.

Malik turned to ancient Hindu philosophies as a basis for coordinating his team members. "Every person has a set of characteristics," he explained. "It is very difficult to prevent the negative characteristics from overpowering the positive ones. The project manager must bring out the positive characteristics in each member of the team."

Teamaware, Malik's software tool, aims to share his observations as a project manager with others in the field. According to Malik, Teamaware is ideally suited for project team meetings and brainstorming sessions.

The software defines the harmful qualities that can detract from the success of a project. The negative qualities include anger, boredom, depression, fear, haste, inferiority, jealousy, selfishness, doubt, laziness, pride, fatigue, and anxiety. Specifically, the software helps to pinpoint the presence of these qualities in the team members by having each member chart any occurrences of such emotions.

Teamaware then utilizes Malik's "manifestation by design" principle to focus energy on the members' positive qualities. Project managers can review the member's tracked emotions to determine which steps to take to open up communication amongst the team. "The leader must step back and look at the group's qualities, then use the software to decide how to deal with it," Malik said.

Teamaware includes introspective exercises and readings to promote positive interaction between the team members, appropriate for all types of project teams, Malik noted. The philosophies used throughout the software are the starting point for successful project management, Malik held, since without positive interaction in the team, completing work and meeting deadlines and budget concerns is impossible.

"A good project manager needs to understand each member's strong and weak points," Malik commented. "Teamaware maps out all the ups and downs within the team and seeks to use that information to build trust and open communication."

Project managers who are interested in learning more about Teamaware may contact Pravir Malik via email.