SUSTAINABILITY 'N+1'.0 eLearning

The most robust approach to creating a sustainable world is to manage the fractals that are responsible for chaos on a global scale at their very roots. Of necessity this implies facilitating shifts in perception at the individual level so that our learned and often myopic habits and ways of being can flower out into an altogether different way of being and the consequent fractals responsible for negative organizational activity and impact on the global levels be positively shifted forever. Insights into this relationship are captured in the book Connecting Inner Power with Global Change, and forms the basis of Aurosoorya's program on Sustainability 'N+1.0' eLearning (find out why Sustainability 'N+1'.0). Online environments and other software programs listed below are critical elements in facilitating the shifts in the root fractals and also form the kernel of this eLearning program.

Stress Management
  • Access to online StressManager
  • Build awareness and mastery over many common causes of stress
  • Increase personal and organizational productivity and effectiveness in the bargain
  • For more information on online StressManager click here

Emotional Intelligence Builder
  • Access to online Emotional Intelligence Builder
  • Assists in becoming more emotionally intelligent
  • Beyond limiting states of being proactively build a ranges of positive states of being, resulting in more powerful leadership abilities
  • For more information on online Emotional Intlligence Builder click here

  • Access to online FractalKey
  • Begin to experiment with reality of fractal dynamics
  • Begin to practically link micro-dynamics with macro-movements to discover the true power within each of us
  • For more information on online FractalKey click here

  • Access to online PowersWithin
  • Explore a range of deep formative drivers at the fount of individuality and self-expression
  • For more information on online PowersWithin click here

  • Downloadable software designed to build awareness and progressive mastery over internal states of being
  • Results in greater individual fulfillment
  • For more information on Within click here

  • Downloadable software designed to assist in more productive team interactions
  • Requires familiarity with Within
  • For more information on TeamAware click here

Blueprint for Seeding Sustainability along the Employee Life-Cycle
Blueprint for Seeding Sustainability at the Community Level

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