Sequential and linear thinking is the primary approach with which we have commonly addressed the plethora of organizational issues that we are increasingly faced with. Yet, our world and each construct in it, from the micro- to the macro-organism is in reality a system - not just a separate and disconnected system, but part of one connected, integrated, intelligent, fractal system. Our failure to comprehend and to therefore act from this knowledge is in large part responsible for many of the dilemmas and problems, regardless of scale, that we find ourselves in today.

Aurosoorya offers customized workshops that surface models, findings, and implications related to its research in fractal systems as they apply to organizations. The following modules and associated key concepts may be combined together in different ways to create workshops that best meets the need of different participants.

Please contact Aurosoorya to find out more or to arrange such workshops.

  • Module 1: The Pattern

    An introduction to the building-blocks and the pattern that is the basis of the "ubiquitous fractal".

    Key Concepts: Dichotomies of life | Life as a vast, interconnected system | Problems caused by lack of systems view | The fractal nature of the system | Why problems can persist | Effort required to alter the base-pattern | Pattern should be self-evident and pervasive | Beyond Geography and History | Earth - Sun dance | Phases of a day | Physical | Physical mantra | Vital | Vital mantra | Mental | Mental mantra |DNA of the earth | Building blocks | Formation of kernel | Nature of kernels | Isolated development of kernels | The base or ubiquitous pattern | The journey through the three states | Complete journey and emergence of identity | Incomplete journey | Triplicity and its bias | Fractal opposition | Rite of passage | Mentality and identity | Evolution of the earth
  • Module 2: The Person Pattern

    A look at the building-blocks and pattern as it manifests at the level of the person.

    Key Concepts: Yesteryear-oriented earth-fractal | Application of fractal architecture in definition of a person | Kernel reality through fractal pressure | Creation of sub-beings | Example sub-beings: food sub-being, anger sub-being, philosophy sub-being | Sub-beings and contact with life | Perpetuating the nature of the world | Sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal | Countering of world's natural commerce with creatures | Sub-being programming | Progression through sun-marked fractal and identity | Sub-beings vs. identity | Application of sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal to sub-beings | Sub-being fractal contrary to ubiquitous fractal | Progressive organization and mentality | Importance of questioning | Mental orientation and avoiding stagnation | Easily surfacing movements | Working with sub-beings to create new possibilities | Uniqueness working itself out through play of sub-beings | Living one's uniqueness | Life pattern and Maslow's psychology | Expression of earth through physical, vital, mental masks | Earth becoming an Earth-Sun | Uniqueness as a creative force
  • Module 3: The Business Pattern

    A look at the building-blocks and pattern as it manifests in business.

    Key Concepts: Application of fractal architecture in definition of business | Three types of assets in physical orientation | Three types of flows in vital orientation | Three types of outlooks in mental orientation | 'Purer' physical | 'Purer' vital | 'Purer' mental | Combinations and governance | Kernels or seed-states and fractal pressure | Kernels and culture | Alignment of kernels with sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal | Source of opposing fractals multiplied | Opportunities for 'rite of passage' multiplied | Stepping into a particular kernel at will | Awareness of kernels | Fractal link between personal and business levels | Stringing of states and milieu of progress | Relationship of identity with Sun-like properties | Alignment with sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal | Strengths and shortcomings of physical, vital, mental orientations | Business logic of integrating three orientations | Automaticity of sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal at business level | Physically-led organization | Vitally-led organization | Mentally-led organization | Shift in feeling and thought orientations in bringing about change | Validation of fractal model
  • Module 4: The Economy Pattern

    A look at how this pattern has almost as if automatically appeared at the level of the Economy, and how certain parts of the pattern are associated with higher degrees of freedom.

    Key Concepts: Bottom-up fractal analysis | Top-down fractal analysis | Global economy fractal | Multiplication of mediocrity | Agriculture & physical phase | Industrial economy & vital phase | Digital economy & mental phase | Automaticity of traversing physical, vital, and mental phases | DNA of life & Sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal | Framing of progress | Assessment of progress from physical, vital, and mental points of view | Fractal within a fractal | Progress of the vital phase of the global economy fractal | Approaching limits of the vital phase | Global indicators of a break-down | Business-as-usual | Birth of the corporation and fractal pressure | Corporation as a quintessential vital animal | Necessity of completion of sun-marked physical-vital-mental journey for corporation | Sub-phase within a phase | Rite of passage at the economy level | Degrees of freedom | Primary actors of a phase | The vital milieu | Pushing instant gratification to its limits | DNA of life and push to transcend limits | Kernels of chief actors | Sub-beings and fractal pressure | Aura of impersonality | Difficulty of change at impersonal levels of organization | Encountering and surpassing demons of creation | Global economy fractal as expression of individual way of being | Key to global economy shift lies in shift at the individual level
  • Module 5: The System Pattern

    A look at how this pattern has spontaneously emerged across several different disciplines - physics, management thought, biotechnology, amongst others. Key Concepts: Sample system fractals | Sequence of manifestation and progress | Mental sub-phase of vital phase of global economy | Digital economy fractal | Brochure-ware and the physical-phase | eCommerce and the vital phase | Re-conceptualization and the mental phase | Increase in degrees of freedom | Energy fractal | Oil & gas extraction and physical phase | Optimizing energy flow and vital phase | Alternative energy and mental phase | Global politics fractal | Fractal within a fractal | World War 1 & 2 and physical phase | Cold war and vital phase | Globalization and mental phase | Exchange rate fractal | Gold standard and physical phase | Balance of power and vital phase | Real-time creativity and mental phase | Leaders push the sequence | Following as act of survival | Sun-marked physical-vital-mental fractal in DNA of life as causal agent of progress | Science-based systems of thought | Physics fractal | Atomic view and physical phase | Quantum view and vital phase | Unifying theme and mental phase | Biomimicry fractal | Form & function and physical phase | Imitation of process and vital phase | Whole systems view and mental phase | Organizational design fractal | Silo-mentality and physical phase | Process view and vital phase | Raison d'etre and mental phase | Fractal for progress | Element-focus and physical phase | Experimentation and vital phase | Mastery and mental phase
  • Module 6: The Evolution Pattern

    A look at evolution of life on earth, and how the patterns that are emerging in different fields of life parallels this overarching or base pattern.

    Key Concepts: Nature of creation as function of sequencing of building-blocks | Single ladder | Blue-print of progress | The Nature or evolution fractal | Records of evolution and progressive manifestation | Physical sub-phase of physical phase of evolution fractal | Sub-phase as a result or starting-point for a physical-vital-mental fractal | Sub-fractals and supra-fractals | Sub-atomic particles and physical phase of sub-fractal | Fusing together and vital phase in sub-fractal | Identity of form and mental phase of sub-fractal | Closed-system interaction and vital phase of physical supra-fractal | Yearning and mental phase of physical supra-fractal | single-celled organisms and start of the vital phase of evolution fractal | Autonomous cellular activity at physical sub-phase of vital phase of evolution fractal | Experimentation and vital sub-phase of vital phase of evolution fractal | Increased yearning for identity and mental sub-phase of vital phase of evolution fractal | Culmination of vital phase of evolution fractal and basis of mental phase of evolution fractal | Simple thought elements and physical sub-phase in mental phase of evolution fractal | Choice and experimentation and vital sub-phase in mental phase in evolution fractal | Advanced mind-elements and mental sub-phase of mental phase of evolution fractal | "What the eye can see" and physical sub-sub-phase of mental sub-phase of mental phase of evolution fractal | Beginnings of history | Vital sub-sub-phase of mental sub-phase of mental phase of evolution fractal | Transition from vital sub-sub-phase to mental sub-sub-phase of mental phase of evolution fractal | Recorded history as journey through vital sub-sub-phase | Birth of Internet as a water-shed event | Internet soft-voice fractal | Beginning of open communication and physical phase of Internet soft-voice fractal | Multiplication of voices and vital phase of soft-voice fractal | Shifting of power and mental phase of soft-voice fractal | Carbon-based economy as surfacing of embedded physical-vital patterns | Carbon-based economy as a rite of passage | Earth-Sun dance | Life as expression of Earth-Sun dance | Primary movement of Earth-Sun dance determining DNA of progress of Earth | Extending the Gaia hypothesis | Earth becomes an Earth-Sun | Fractal architecture applied to Earth-Sun dance | Astronomy and the physical view of the Earth-Sun dance | Astrology and vital view of Earth-Sun dance | Purpose and meaning and mental view of Earth-Sun dance | Fractal architecture analysis | Sun-potential
  • Module 7: The Fractal Ladder

    The linking together of the similar patterns appearing across different fields and systems, in reality different "scales", to illustrate a fantastic ubiquitous fractal - perhaps part of a signature of a conscious design or implicit aspiration behind things.

    Key Concepts: Pathways | Common building-blocks | Physical-vital-mental fractal world and Fractal Ladder | Extending idea of fractal geometry into complex behavioral structures | Adoption of fractal view to address contradictions | World out there is not really a world out there | Fractal reality vs. Fractal Ladder | Fractal Ladder as a way out of contradictions | Key to climbing the Fractal Ladder | Earth-Sun dance older than history and more containing than geography | Story of progress and the physical-vital-mental journey | Climbing the rungs of the Fractal Ladder to connect inner power to global change | Step-wise journey | The Fractal Ladder as a fractal for progress | The miracle of progress | Upward & downward causality | Universality of downward causality | Safe passage in the vortex | Personification of Progress | Progress as a witness | Creation, power, and change in the world | Qualities of Progress: omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, omnicaring | Relationship with Progress | Exceptional beings | Secret of power | Progress and stagnated journeying | Shifting our story of disbelief by completing the sun-marked physical-vital-mental journey | Our tremendous choice
  • Module 8: Fractal Properties

    Examination of properties in a fractal world. These become tools, devices by which to maneuver through a very different world.

    Key Concepts: Application of fractal lens to better exercise our power in the world | Fractal model as an elaborate systems-view of the world | Progressive state and system evolution | Arranging properties by the triple view | Fractal Ladder seed-pattern | Physical properties to do with structure | Fractal universality | Universality connecting various fields | From a linear to a systems view | Fractal influence | Influence as giving the Fractal Ladder its ladder-like quality | Threshold of influence | Magnification caused by fractal influence | Fractal recursion | Recursion as applying fractal to sub-phase of journey | Recursive property used to piece together likely development of entities | Recursive property used to shed light on structure of entities | Fractal completion | Tendency of fractal to want to complete its journey | Fractal step-wise development | Capabilities of former phases increasing leverage of subsequent phases | Fractal evolution | Evolution alters conditions within which base journey exists | Spiral nature of journey on the Fractal Ladder | Fractal matrixing | Matrixing as a devise to perpetuate progress by leveraging established insights into progress | Vital properties to do with process | Fractal intersection | Intersection of fractals potentially causes each to progress | Islam religion fractal | Reviewing world conflicts through the lens of fractal influence | Fractal facilitation | Facilitation of stagnation by application of physical-vital-mental fractal | Status quo - chaos - questioning | Fractal flow | Flow as a property by which a range of energies enter into a situation | Fractal up-scaling | Up-scaling implies shifting from a disconnected linear to a one-system view | Mental properties to do with meaning | World-wiseliness | The more physical-vital-mental journeys one masters the more world-wisely one becomes | World-wiseliness & convergence and prevalence of fractals | Mirroring | All is a reflection of an inner state | Nothing lies on the Fractal Ladder | Affirmation | Successful outcome in the world as a result of the physical-vital-mental journey | Integration | Integration of physical, vital, mental, and underlying purpose | Integration and leadership | Uniqueness | Uniqueness as an outcome of the fractal journey | A fourth class of properties | Alignment with sense of progress | Aspiration for progress | Surrender of difficulties and dilemmas | Rejection of contrary fractals | Love for an omnicaring entity
  • Module 9: The Nature of Progress

    Examination of the nature of progress and how that interacts with and ultimately shapes the Fractal Ladder.

    Key Concepts: The initial state | Creation has proceeded under the aegis of Progress | Reviewing manifested creation in understanding properties of Progress | Insight into transitions and trajectories when properties understood | Sequence to progress yielding to a fourth state | Insight into seed-state providing guidance in selecting emerging pathways | Who we become determined by nature of Progress | All-presence of Progress | All-knowingness of Progress | All-power of Progress | All-caringness of Progress | Properties co-exist and act in simultaneity in management of Fractal Ladder | Top-down versus bottom-up analysis of properties | Manifested states or physical, vital, mental building-blocks tell us something about Progress | 'Perfection' and 'service' at the physical level | Parallels between the top-down and bottom-up observations | All-presence and the physical state | Limitations of properties of Progress in nature | Power of energy versus light of energy | Adventure as proceeding under the aegis of power | All-power and the vital state | 'Adventure', 'energy', 'assertiveness', 'growth' as characteristics of all-power | Questioning and the heart of knowledge | All-knowingness and the mental state | Impersonal and personal qualities of Progress | Omnicaring and heart | The fourth state - intuition | Intuition as a border-state connecting the top-down with the bottom-up | Rule of Heart | Fragmented creations of manifested nature | Physical, vital, mental states as fields of possibility | Changing action of properties of Progress in different fields of possibility | Fixed grooves of the physical | Physical-vital conglomerate | Uniqueness & identity manifest at the mental level | Intuition and more direct action from nature of Progress | Observed nature | Service as observed nature of property of omnipresence | Adventure as observed nature of property of omnipotence | Knowledge as observed nature of property of omniscience | Harmony as observed nature of property of omnicaring | Application of the physical-vital-mental architecture to Progress | Physical aspect of Progress as physical, vital, mental, intuitional states | Vital aspect of Progress as Service, Adventure, Knowledge, Harmony | Mental aspect of Progress as omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, omnicaring | Secret names behind the operation of the Fractal Ladder | Reduction of rigidities in building-blocks through action of intuition | Darker or shadow-states of physical, vital, mental | Structure, process, meaning of Fractal Ladder evolving rapidly | Basis of operation shifting from narrow one-dimensionality to holistic multi-dimensionality
  • Module 10: Remaking the Business World

    A look at what business and the corporation may become as the Fractal Ladder continues to progress.

    Key Concepts: Fractal Ladder as the signature of Progress | Secret names behind construction and operation of Fractal Ladder | Comprehension of current problems through examination of related business fractals | Consumer fractal, business fractal, global economy fractal, global society fractal | Choice of consumption as dictated from the physical, vital, mental ways of being | Wal-Mart and testament to being at the vital level of consumer fractal | Changing the root dynamic to bring about progression of related business fractals | Extent of impact of the root dynamics & the wake-up call | Transcendence of boundaries | Climate Change as essence of the wake-up call | Climate Change as the result of a vital way of being | Business fractal at the vital level | Global economy fractal on vital side of boundary between vital and mental | Nature of boundary | Global society fractal & business standards of judgment | Progress of society as synonymous with progress of business | Global society fractal at the vital level | Pervasive vital-centeredness indicating severe loss of balance | Climate change as a rebellion of matter | Individual consciousness as the root of the world fractal | The remaking of business through shift in individual consciousness | The essence of CSR | CSR can give the appearance that a real shift in consciousness has occurred | False solutions and other disequilibrium as severe as Climate Change | Climate Change as a wake-up call to the vital way of being | Nature of transition from the vital to the mental way of being | Different ways to accelerate shift from the vital to mental way of being | Mobilization of secret names of Progress | New creation of business must have four motive forces as foundation | People being allowed to follow their essential way of being as key to new creation | Organizations with enduring power have mobilized something of four motive forces simultaneously | Instability caused by following shadow-state of one motive force only | The great tragedy of current corporate life | Modern business versus grass-roots community driven development | Nature of leadership as the deciding factor
  • Module 11: Future Leadership

    A look at the criticality and importance and nature of leadership in the future scheme of things.

    Key Concepts: Puppets and cogs in a machine | Progress requires that particular circumstances be the field of an instrument | An unknowing instrument requires mastery over elements of the physical, vital, and / or mental | Elemental leadership versus holistic leadership | Holistic leadership causes more complete projections from the heart of Progress | Creation of unique personalities of deeper substance | Holistic leadership in tune with Progress is the need of the hour | Restructuring of existing building-blocks to counter past habits | Dynamism as a result of integrating the inner with the outer | Inner power versus physical, vital, mental power | Identity and progressive unfoldment determined by progressive unfoldment of Progress | Bringing uniqueness to the surface by adoption of more dynamic nature | Defining leadership | Task and necessity of 21st century leadership is redefinition on every level of creation | Living approach that will willingly cause people to change | Altering the symbolic reality of the physical, vital, mental | Deeper drivers have their own power and break held limits | Simultaneous driver action and tipping the balance toward more progressive development | Creation of inertia of physical | Creation of aggression of vital | Creation of narrowness and impotency of mental | Shifting of personality through action of drivers | Bringing into being a new modus operandi that mirrors essence of Progress | Sea-change in dynamics redefining important definitions in life | Subduing of natural instinct for self-development | Broad complicitness in reinforcing narrow basis of life | Development along different trajectories versus along the need to make money at the personal level | Living a life of abundance | Society allowing different trajectories of development | Disengagement of success with money | Creation of other currencies of value | Giving a lease of life to four archetypes of personality | Business as a mechanism by which true abundance comes into being | The fruitful cycle
  • Module 12: Alternative Futures

    A look at global realities and how different futures may emerge depending on what part of the fractal pattern becomes active collectively.

    Key Concepts: Existence of Progress as indication of direction of development for humanity | 'Physical' incarnation of Fractal Ladder | Physical-service-perfection conglomerate | Vital-adventure-courage conglomerate | Mental-knowledge-wisdom conglomerate | Intuitional-harmony-mutuality conglomerate | Alteration of base-fractal of which Fractal Ladder is a creation | 'Vital' incarnation of Fractal Ladder | Physical-service-perfection-omnipresence conglomerate | Vital-adventure-courage-omnipotence conglomerate | Mental-knowledge-wisdom-omniscience conglomerate | Intuitional-harmony-mutuality-omnicaring conglomerate | 'Mental' incarnation of Fractal Ladder | Possibility and apotheosis present at each moment of space and time | Choices made now determine timing of future incarnations of Fractal Ladder | Alternative paths as alternative futures | Connection and integration at crux of the Fractal Ladder | Fractal Ladder surrounded by general fractal vortex | Realization of reality of fractal-based system implies operation approaching intuitional level | Operation at intuitional level expedites uniqueness | Physical orientation scenario | Nature of catastrophe in physical scenario | Fašade dynamics | Vital orientation scenario | Limit dynamics | Impact on psychological health | Loss of subjective power | Causal relationship between subjectivity and objectivity reversed | Asset view of life | Inherent and disproportionate value ascribed to money | Impact on physical health | Impact on global political stability | Lack of idealism and balanced development | Seed-pattern works itself out on a global scale Supply chains as organizations of destruction | Needless and wasteful resource extraction, manufacturing, and consumption | CSR makes no difference unless base consciousness of citizens changes | Mental orientation scenario | The value of questioning | Questioning at different ends of the mental-orientation spectrum | Limits of questioning | Creation of more thoughtful though silo'd institutions | Burst of apparent creativity | Intuitional orientation scenario | Developing a witness consciousness | Emergence of uniqueness based manifestations in various fields | Form follows spirit | Citizens as heroes who act from the core
  • Module 13: Transformation

    A look at the transformation that needs to take place in many popular institutions.

    Key Concepts: Shifting from the physical-vital orientation to the mental-intuitional orientation | World-view needing to be turned on its head | Focusing on the physical only is to miss the context of life | Consigning ourselves to littleness and lack of possibility through a physical-vital orientation | Physical-vital power as one that accelerates the debilitation of the world-system | Condition for meaningful global change | Necessity of sea-change in personal psychology | Co-responsibility as a creative center of a sustainably progressing world-system | Boundary conditions and individual leadership | Logically thought out change versus change resulting form shift in consciousness | Creative stillness in the eye of the fractal storm | Becoming a compelling center for the creation of a new organizational reality | Alternative drivers behind business organization | Business-as-expression-of-uniqueness paradigm | Force and authenticity of motive force incarnations creating natural leaders | Business as a note in a fantastic score orchestrated by Progress | Pauperization of mosaic of commerce by focus on money rather than uniqueness | Sense of money re-contextualized by completion of its own fractal | Shift in context of life in mental-intuitional orientation | Value of money from the physical-vital and mental-intuitional perspectives | Different measurements of worth | Focus on accumulation and financial crises | Fixing attention on underlying progress rather than accumulation of money | Current perception of money as a great binding chain | Physical-vital orientation as one of limitation and high cost of money | Mental-intuitional orientation as one of increasing abundance and low cost of money | A re-contextualized mosaic of commerce | A freer, more possibility faced mosaic for each institution of society | Mosaic as an expression of a collectivity | The four characteristics and the essence of a country culture | Mental-intuitional orientation allows deeper and formative dynamics to come into being | International relations as a function of mutual learning and exchange of living cultures