Stress Manager Overview

  • StressManager is an on-line, electronic diary
  • Allows you to record stress to do with the body, the emotions, the mind
  • It is easy to use, and allows review, analysis, that gives insight into trends and patterns of stress
  • It allows you to learn about causes and ways to handle and reflect on stress, from knowledge of the masters from all parts of the world, and from many different periods of history
  • It has been stated by many that when you become aware of a stress, it often loses its power over you. Processing capacity is freed up, and as a result your mind can focus on other things - this can be very freeing
  • As a result of building awareness in your self, it also allows you to become more aware of what others around you may be experiencing
  • At another level, the software computes your fractal pattern, through regular use. You become aware of your imprint that shapes your reality

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