Overview of PowersWithin

Four powers govern and determine the architecture and wealth of organizations - whether individuals, corporations, or nations. Uniqueness & individual power is a function of the relative combination of these powers in us. PowersWithin provides an online environment to assess, enter into relationship with, monitor, and develop these powers over time. We believe that the time for leveraging PowersWithin has arrived. There are several concrete indications of this:
  • The knowledge of the physical world has increased to such an extent that it is trying to break its own bounds. The search for the bases of matter is leading to more and more subtle particles that are themselves increasingly subjective in quality.
  • The veil between the outer and inner physical, vital, and mental capacities and powers are breaking, and the outer physical, vital, and mental possibilities are awaiting to get more power from within rather than from the external material level as in the past.
  • Manifestation of excessive vital powers and its practices in the material world exerts such a high pressure that it has resulted in the formidable problems such as Climate Change and the global financial meltdown and is leading to the collapse of the very foundation we have based much of our activity on.
  • Conventional industry is dying before it is even declared as sick.
  • There is an increase in instances of collapse of all hierarchical and patriarchal structures around the world.
  • Crises are very deep rather than superficial.
  • The consequence of practicing falsehoods is becoming concretely visible.
  • Nothing can be hidden any more.
  • The strength of women, naturally more subjective beings, is on the rise.
  • There is more and more awareness of and focus on the unknown.
  • There is a growing urge toward freedom and equality.
  • Traditional definitions of wealth are faltering, inadequate to express the inner wealth that is seeking to surface.

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