FractalKey Overview

Science has discovered that much of the physical world is composed of shapes that repeat themselves on different scale. It is hence fractal in nature. This discovery has not only increased the ability to understand a vaster range of natural phenomena, but has simultaneously put into the hands of scientists and engineers a more powerful capability to shape objects and even events.

Aurosoorya believes that beyond physical structures, all dynamic phenomena in life, whether behavior of individuals, functioning of organizations, market dynamics, movement of economies, or vaster changes in the globe itself, similarly display fractal dynamics. That is, once one has attained the key to mastery over the fractal for progress at any one level, that understanding and mastery can be transferred to any of the other levels.

FractalKey is thus a space where an individual can explore and gain progressive mastery over common dynamics in his or her own life. This then, if leveraged optimally, in alignment with the underlying fractal for progress, will allow mastery over other more complex areas of life.

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